The Place Prize Commissions

Rick Nodine

After completing a degree in biology, Rick Nodine went on to study contact improvisation with the pioneers of the form. He began a performing career in the early 90s, and has danced in many contexts, including theatre, dance theatre, digital media, opera, television and site-specific dance. In 2001, Rick became a member of staff at London Contemporary Dance School where he teaches composition and improvisation.

Dead Gig
In 1987 Rick was 17 and the Grateful Dead had already been on tour for more than 20 years. Rick should have been a fan of hip hop, glam rock, new wave or post punk, but it was those hippie dinosaurs that made him dance.

Dead Gig is one of four works selected for The Finals of The Place Prize for dance and can be seen at The Place from Wed 17 - Sat 27 April 2013 (book tickets)